Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Weird Files, Part 5: The Ararat Anomaly

The Ararat Anomaly is the name given to a controversial structure (or object, or rock formation, depending on your perspective and opinion) that can be found on Mt. Ararat, Turkey. For some, it's the remains of the legendary Ark of Noah. For others, it's nothing at all.
But for the Intelligence community of the United States, it's been a mystery that has attracted their keen attention over the course of the last few decades.
The CIA declassified to me a couple of years ago several batches of documentation on the Ararat Anomaly, and I'm continuing to dig for more.
Meanwhile, you may wish to take a look at these photographs, which are posted at the official website of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Taken by a photographer aboard a US Air Force plane in 1949, they show Mt. Ararat and what some believe may be the remains of the Ark.
Whatever the Anomaly is, it has certainly provoked both interest and debate at an official level. And may still do so...


David Wheeler said...

One thing strikes me as strange. At this point in time with modern technology it should be possible to pinpoint this anomaly. With the available ice core drilling techniques it should be further possible to check out this site for the presence of wood. With carbon dating techniques it should be possible to date this wood.
Why has this not been done?
It is of great interest to many people.

Nick Redfern said...


Thanks for the question. One of the main reasons this hasn't been done is because of the location: the Turkish Government are very careful about who they allow on the mountain. In other words, it's their country, and of course it's up to them who they allow in, or to do investigations. I do know there has been concerned from the Turkish Government about not allowing anyone and everyone to invade the mountain en-masse looking for the ark, and causing chaos. So, it's really down to that reason - and a few other minor ones.