Monday, April 13, 2009

UFO Files: The Secret Author

Over in England, Dave Clarke has an interesting new article on the identity of the man who wrote the British Ministry of Defense “Condign” report on UFOs.

As Dave says:

The identity of an MoD intelligence expert who wrote a controversial report on UFOs must remain a secret, the Information Commissioner has decided.

Three years ago the Ministry released - under the Freedom of Information Act - a copy of a four volume report, code-named ‘Project Condign’, that was completed in 2000 and classified Secret - UK Eyes Only.

Condign was the brainchild of a mysterious intelligence officer, working as a contractor for the MoD, who was given access to secret documents covering DI55’s investigations of UFO incidents over three decades.

He was asked to produce the report because of his long experience as an advisor to the Defence Intelligence Staff onthe subject of UFOs.

His study concluded that UFOs - or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) - did exist but were mostly likely to be natural, but poorly understood, atmospheric phenomena such as ball lightning and dusty plasmas.

But what of the identity of the man who wrote the report? On this matter, Dave has been digging deep to try and resolve things, as the following from his new post demonstrates:

One of the questions asked “who the author was, what the author’s qualifications in this subject were; to whom the report was circulated [and] what actions were taken on the recommendations of the report.”

In response Baker was told the report cost the public around £50,000 but they would not name the author or say anything more about his background. “The author of the report was a contractor and was employed by the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) on a long-term contract,” Ingram responded in Hansard, 19 March 2007. “Further details of the author, including the name, are being with-held under the Data Protection Act 1998 [Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act].”

And what happened when Dave - obviously not satisfied with that response - took further steps to try and identify the elusive author?

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