Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UK-UFO Files

Fellow Fortean Kithra alerts us to the latest news on the most recent release of UFO files from the British Ministry of Defence.

As she says:

"The UK has just released some more UFO files, this time for the years 1981 to 1996. Amongst the reports are some pertaining to Rendlesham Forest and, of course, the archive downloads are all in pdf which, personally, I really dislike.

"If you’d like to check them out then click here for the National Archives.

"As to be expected, Dr David Clarke, a UFO expert and journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, has his own theories about sightings being co-incidental with the release of some film and TV programmes in which the main themes were Aliens and/or UFOs.

"You can read more about that here in an article that also relates what Lord Hill-Norton thought when he wrote to Michael Heseltine, the UK Defence Secretary in 1985, about the Rendlesham event.

"But what I find particularly interesting is the case of a UFO seen across my own county of Cornwall, and other counties, at the very end of March 1993. The Ministry of Defence concluded that this was, in fact, either an American spy plane, or the re-entry of a Russian rocket.What all of this tells us about UFOs is, of course, open to question.

"Some of it relates to what are now old cases where further investigation would probably be very difficult given the passage of time. But that's not to say that investigating old cases has no merit, and I'm also a firm believer that those who are new to the UFO subject should make themselves aware of what went before. Without that basic grounding we fail to see how the subject has evolved, and is still evolving with each new generation."

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