Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lightning Secrets

The new issue of Fortean Times magazine includes an article from me on secret files and research undertaken by the U.S. military since the 1940s to try and control - and utilize as a weapon - ball-lightning. As I point out in the article, there is little doubt that at least some UFO incidents can be traced back to these clandestine operations.


just_another_dick said...

Mr. Redfern, I'm just finishing your book The FBI Files. A few days ago I finished the chapters on cattle mutilations. I then happened to pick up a book my son had brought home from school entitled Strange & Unexplained Happenings : When Nature Breaks the Rules of Science by Jerome Clark and Nancy Pear.

The authors say this: "In the same way, the strange "cattle mutilations" that worried farmers in Minnesota and Kansas in the 1970s - and stirred up all sorts of weird explanations _ required the special skills of veterinary pathologists to find that the cause was a simple, but gruesome, infection."

An "infection" that makes the sex organs and blood of cattle disappear?

Now, that seems like it would one hell of an infection.
Kind of makes Mad Cow look desirable doesn't it?
Better to have one's brain turn spongy than having one's wiener evaporate, I'd say.

I know Clark has gone through some odd belief shifts during his time as a Fortean, but the "infection" explanation seems to be stretching even my over stretched credulity.

I'm curious if you've read this "infection tale" anywhere?
Does it have any credibility whatsoever?

Nick Redfern said...

No, I haven't heard this one. I do think there is a possibility of covert testing by the government looking for emerging viruses etc, however.