Monday, October 20, 2008

UK UFO Files: More

On the issue of the British Ministry of Defense's newly-surfaced UFO files, my good friend Micah Hanks has the following to say:

"With news breaking today of a 4500 page document being released by Ministry of Defense officials in the UK regarding UFOs, my inbox was swarmed with emails this morning regarding how this might further affect Ufology.

"After looking at the news all morning, as well as considering that this year appears to be a landmark in the number of recorded UFO sightings not only in England but perhaps worldwide, such information may do just what folks are hoping, by leading to new avenues in the future of disclosure.

"Among those who were issuing reports this morning were Dakota Waddell of the 1917 Revolution blog, who sent me a link to the CNN Europe page describing a variety of curious public encounters described within the body of the MOD document in question. Shortly afterward, I also got a link from UFO and Fortean researcher Nick Redfern disclosing a complete list of news stories involving the release of this information at his Strange Secrets Blog.

"What I found to be one of the most striking stories disclosed in the MOD document involves an incident that occurred in 1957 where Milton Torres, a RAF Pilot stationed in Europe near Norwich, was instructed to shoot down a gigantic UFO the size of an airliner. Torres was ordered to shoot a full salvo of24 rockets at the object—an action which he recognized as 'the sort of thing that happened before a war'—and approaching the bogey at nearly 700 mph, he was shocked to see the large object depart at speeds clocked at nearly 10,000 mph. 'I think it was an alien spacecraft. It had a propulsion system that was beyond us - either magnetism or anti-gravity,' Torres said of the object."

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